How I reached 100K followers on Instagram in under a year

Written By Immy and Indi - February 27 2017


July 15 2019

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June 26 2019

What’s ju family

April 27 2019

I like This app

February 12 2019

This is good

February 12 2019

This is great

December 06 2018


December 06 2018

Apakah ini berhasil memperbanyak followers kita

Rife Hub
November 10 2018

Nice article. Very useful tips.

October 28 2018

I need 24m followers on instagram please . Thank you

September 14 2018

“The more time you spend on the app keeping your followers engaged, the more Instagram will favor you” that’s sure and that’s a fact. I were passing some weeks of my life like that, all day and part of night in insta :D
But it’s so tired thing, you can not work , eat and communicate in real while you’re in insta. Some people having a manager but for me is too $$$. So i start to search some bots for it. I were really tired to make it by myself. I tell it to one of my friend and she advice me ingramer. Did you hear about that ? Here is a link I use it because it gives some allive followers. It’s surprise because i were sure that most of this programs give you some fake accounts in follows. But this one is good. If here is anyone who use it also ?

Einstein Mudhoka
September 06 2018

Here is a nice trick though it may not sound ethical.When you notice that someone has risen to fame in an overnight lets say a footballer who had an incredible debut and everyone is talking about him though no one knew about him a few days ago…Create an accnt with his name and photos…everyone will want to know more about the new celeb and they will certainly follow you thinking it is their accnt…after gaining your thousands if not millions of followers you can now change the acc name…but be sure to expect lots of unfollows…anyway you will still remain with a huge amount of followers…If you don’t mind you can try it

Josh Mclaglen
August 29 2018

Well I am using Wizboost [com] for my own Instagram account and also managing one more Instagram account of the company I am employed in. My company seniors are so happy with me because of my posts consistency that I makefor selling products on behalf of my company. Thanks to wizboost for being steady, legit, safe and most importantly automated. The best part about this tool is that it runs on cloud storage and there is no need to download any software on your pc. Wizboost boosted my posts reach so tremendously that now whenever I post anything on Instagram, a large number of my followers checks out my posts, they like and even leave beautiful comments.

June 02 2018

June 02 2018

(((((( i love these tips i follow back @bornsuccesfull )))))

April 06 2018

Love the advice! Thanks for sharing. Instagram is a lot of hard, consistent work! Mine is @alexandratravels_

March 09 2018

thanks for sharing

modvintage70 @ IG
February 21 2018

Thank you so much for taking time to pen this. ♡♡ It is all extremely helpful and not to worry, no typos or overgeneralizations ( impressive to boot that you wrote All That in 20 minutes!)—- I’m going to try my best to employ these tried and true techniques. I’ve only been on Instagram for 3 weeks now. Working on getting my base established so i can build momentum. It’s a slow process, but I’m not hanging up my hat yet. :) I think your pointers will definitely help me.
Good luck to you! Thanks again!
Karen. modvintage70 @IG

February 06 2018

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February 02 2018

Thanks for the tips.

Jordan T Shafer
January 17 2018

I comment on people’s pictures and like people with my same content. I am a very active follower and I tend to follow everyone back. I am trying to grow my account to eventually become a big influencer and make a living off instagram! Mine is
Check it out if you want! :) I have almost reached 13k.

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