How I reached 100K followers on Instagram in under a year

Written By Immy and Indi - February 27 2017


American Country Club
May 12 2017

Our account @americancountryclub
has gotten 7k in a year. We only post about twice a week.

May 08 2017

i have an instagram account that has 18.2k, go drop a follow if you are viewing this! @comedymemefeed

April 27 2017

Please follow me guys

Lina Gillespie
April 01 2017

Thanks so much for your sharing nature Imogen. I hope Ive given you the credit when Ive reposted your images. They are amazing!

February 27 2017


Louise Beaton
October 04 2016

Thanks for these tips, they are very helpful.
I am starting up my own small bedding business and have found you advise very useful.

Dawn- aselizaslept
April 25 2016

Such fabulous advice, you myth busted a few really important points for me here and thank you so much for including me up there xxxx I’m loving watching your account blossom and grow its so good

Trude Fjellstad
April 18 2016

Just discovered your blog – and I LOVE it! I`ve followed you on IG for quite some time now, and I`m so greatful you`ve shared my pics so many times (@frufjellstad). I love your IG-account, and no wonder you have reached so many followers in such a short amount of time. Great tips! Have a wonderful day :-) Love from Norway :-)

Kerri Shipp
March 02 2016

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head Imogen, and your post is a great reminder to those (like me!) that have been a bit haphazard with my insta efforts. I started out with a blog, just posting about things I like, inspo pics and the like, and then, almost as an aside, I added some of my artwork. From there I was picked up by none other than Martha Stewart herself, and my work was featured in her magazine. The best part was there was no grand plan, no marketing strategy, just posting what I genuinely liked and sharing my enthusiasm. Great post and great to see Aussie businesses crushing it by posting great content, and not going down the murky, fake follower route that so many others have. Don’t know how I haven’t found you before now, but I’m definitely your newest fan :)

February 26 2016

I am a BIG fan of your work! I loved reading your tips! Something I will definitely take forward for my own page! Thanks for sharing your wisdom! Megan x

January 29 2016

Beautifully said Zed, I certainly have tried to promote other accounts to share with my followers all the other amazing pages that are out their to follow: a lot of those pages are small Australasian businesses.

I personally don’t think there is any shame in being an Inspiration account as long as you are crediting others as you say – it takes a very special talent to have all your own original work filling your feed, those are the accounts of the really creative stylists and bloggers that I so admire – thanks for sharing :-)

The Workspace Stylist
January 29 2016

Great tips Imogen….I don’t have too much to add except for a comment regarding Inspo Accounts and some Designers attitudes towards them. I for one in the past would get really upset at opinions that you are just an “Inspo Account” and that is why you have a big following etc…I for one know how much time and effort it takes to research into crediting the correct owner of that image when we post even if it’s just an Inspo Acount. It should also be noted that because of “Inspo Accounts” like yourself….other much smaller accounts have been able to gain a great following every time you regram them, in this case it is such a win win situation and a great positive outcome is the ability of bigger accounts like yourself being able to help smaller accounts and Designers. The bottom line I’ve learned is not to be ashamed of being an Inspo Account as so many Instagrammers can benefit from a larger Account and their regrams.

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